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Face-to-face meetings offer more opportunities to make a positive impression. Yet long-distance travel can be costly, with no guarantee of timely arrival. Video conferencing enables virtual meetings that put you in front of customers, employees, business partners, coworkers and job applicants. And the Proximity network offers public video conference suites, available for rent by the hour, at more than 4,000 conveniently located sites worldwide.

Reinvent the way you conduct business – depositions, interviews, distance learning, training, consulting, project meetings, sales presentations, demonstrations and executive conversations. Whether your meeting involves five or five thousand people, you can enhance their experience:

  • Share documents, spreadsheets, slides and more in a real-time environment.
  • Supplement your meeting with options that include electronic white boards, document cameras, scan converters, laptops, DVD/VHS recordings and other business services.
  • Include audio, web, video, satellite and even special lighting, staging and onsite producers and technicians.

When your meeting ‘must-haves' include words like productive, collaborative and affordable, it's time to try video conferencing from Proximity. Read more about our Video Event Services.

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